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We are the importer & distributor of the premium range of IPSO Laundry Equipment and have been helping businesses with their laundry equipment needs for over 30 years. Our innovative and environmentally friendly Envirosaver – Ozone Laundry Disinfection system have thus far reduced our clients utility usage by in excess of 400 million litres of water, 100 million megajoules of Gas, 15 thousand tons of green house gas emissions, and saved our clients in excess of $3 million in utility costs.

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  • Saves up to 49% water and drainage costs
  • Saves over 40% gas
  • Saves up to 84% electricity
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of your laundry by up to 70%
  • Meets the Australian Standards of Laundry AS4146-2000
  • Failsafe System – ensures disinfection before proceeding
  • Australian made and owned

EnviroSaver is an ozone washing technology designed, manufactured and supported by us right here in Australia.



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No Capital Expenses


When you decide to install an EnviroSaver – Ozone Laundry Disinfection system, your purchase does not have to put another project on hold due to lack of capital upfront.

Talk to our specialists about the manufacturer finance available at a low interest of 5% during the year 2014. We may be able to offer you a finance lease arrangement so that the systems cost is paid off from your savings at the least possible length of time.

You could also share your savings with us without worrying about blocking your capital cost or ownership. As long as the savings are made, your commitment is only a fixed share of the savings. Even when Water and Electricity prices go up and savings are greater, you will only pay the fixed share agreed at the beginning.

Start reducing your Water and Energy costs without any upfront costs.

Make contact with our experts and have an obligation free discussion, now.